New posts at the Grattan Blog

I have a couple of new posts up at the Grattan Blog. The first is built around a web app that shows you which countries are most similar to Australia, measured using criteria that you can weight yourself. We used this to help us when we were considering which countries to compare Australia to in the Commonwealth Orange Book. The second post explains why we used life expectancy as our measure of health outcomes in the Orange Book, and shows that other measures tell a similar story. You can subscribe to the Grattan Blog via email or RSS from the site, or follow the blog’s dedicated Twitter account.

How does your income compare?

Have you ever wondered how your income compares to other Australians? Well use this calculator thing I made to look it up then. It takes your household’s after-tax income and adjusts it for the number of people in your house to give your ‘equivalised disposable household income.’ The calculator uses ABS data from 2015-16, which was released in September 2017. You can get the ABS data here.